Ima hustla'. Ima come up.

  • We was tooooo turnt. Lmaooooo 😄😘

  • #Fuckinghappy 😘😄😜

  • We tooooo gone…czar, here we comeeee

  • Remember this ladies? @ayramvaldez @mjdxoxoxo

  • I get off early, and hustle is still going. #moneymoneymoney

  • Dear rude fucking patients,

    You dont know me. Lol.

  • The restroom selfie.

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  • My last 12 hrs, yes lawd, I can get through this day. Have a blessed day. Make something happen.

  • jarevat:


    "Not anymore.why?"

    I fucking dare you, bitch. 😜

    Thought you didn’t have a problem…?

    I dont. I speak my mind, it doesnt mean I actually mean what i say. Asi soy.

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  • Damn…these fucking hours are mentally draining me. Im going to fucking lose my mind, straight up.